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2018 -- 2023


This Podcast Delved Into The Trends, Cultures, And Ideologies That Shaped The Human Mind And Spirit. We Examined The World Through A Contrarian Lens, Employing Various Filters Of Dark Humor, Satire And Spirituality. Like Our Listeners, We Remain Imperfect. We Struggle With Compassion, Empathy, And Our Own Biases. But, We Endeavor To Learn So We Can Free Ourselves From The Bullshit Of This World.


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Saturday, January 7 2023We Hope You Enjoyed This Journey Into Life, Philosophy, Politics, Technology And Spirituality That Angel And I Called 'The Weekly Cynic.'This Podcast Never Intended To Be Controversial, Conspiratorial, Politically Relevant, Or, Become 'Self-Appointed Experts.'Hell, It Never Attempted To Challenge The Big Media Crowd.Like All Podcasters, We Enjoyed 'Expressing' Our Thoughts, Angst, Frustrations, Anger And All Other Assorted Emotions.It's Cathartic.
It's Human.
All We Tried To Do Was 'Figure It All Out.'Also, Let's Be Honest:
We Had Hoped To Cultivate A Dedicated Audience, Make Some Money And Continue Our Journey.
Yes, We Did Indeed Cultivate A Small, Dedicated Audience, But...Alas...
And Life Changes.
On March 24 2017, We Released Our Very First Podcast:3EmptyPints.We're Humbled That Many Of You Followed Us Over Those Long Bumpy, Terrible Sounding 33 Episodes.Then, For Some Reason, You Decided To Jump Into The Back Seat Of The Weekly Cynic.Along Those Two Drives, We Saw Some Pretty Interesting Scenery, Stopped In Some Pretty Strange Towns And Even Attempted To Navigate The Big City.We Drank Too Much, Talked Too Much And Crashed A Bunch Of Times.But, Who Cares.
From A Personal, Philosophical, Political And Spiritual Perspective, We Learned About The World And Ourselves.
From A Technological Perspective, We Learned About Sound Engineering, Audio Techniques And Editing.As Our Hero Bill Hicks Would Say,
'Its Just A Ride.'
Welp, The Ride We Call Podcasting Has Ended.But...
Someday, You May Look Out Your Window And See Our Car Pulling Up To Your Curb Or Park In Your Driveway.
Hopefully, You Get In.

Where To Start?

We Will Slowly Be "Curating" A Collection Of Episodes From Our Archives That Reflect The Themes, Ideas And Philosophical-Spiritual Journey Of This Podcast.

Monologue Of The Modern Monk: Published August 13, 2021

In The First Ten Minutes Of This Episode, Angel Discusses His Mental Clarity After Our Seven Day Disconnect With The Remaining Episode Comprised Of Several Musical Vignettes With Angel Pondering Technology, Life, The Matrix, Fear And Liberty.

The System And The Soul: Published April 29 2020

Angel & Jake explore how The System has contorted not only our minds, but our souls...As we allow Jobs, Politics and Science to rule our Lives, we become separated from our Souls. How do we Opt-Out and not allow these ideologies to corrupt us? Jake recommends meditation and locating your soul. Also, Jake talks about his personal philosophy regarding Reincarnation, The Soul and escaping planet Earth upon Death.

Angel And The MultiVerseNearly 20 Years Ago, Angel Had An Unusual Experience, A Moment Where He Split Into Two Versions Of Himself. Did Angel Briefly Experience The Multiverse? We Delve Into Religion, Spirituality, Reincarnation, Esoteric And Occult Teachings, Not To Mention, Conspiracies To Explain Life, Death And The Beyond. Yeah, It's A Big Episode.

Anarchism And A.I.Our Second, Smaller Show As We Take A Break To Research And Edit Upcoming Episodes. In This Episode, Jake Opens With A Meditation On Spiritual Anarchism, While Angel Closes With A Conversation With Our A.I. Love Child, Andi, About Their Guest Hosting Our Previous Show.

What's Your Dimension?Are You Dimension A, B, C Or D? Do You Believe In The Institutions? Do You Go With The Flow? Do Think This World Is More Than The New Normal? Join Us, As We Explain Humanity's Future.

Mind Over MatterAngel Opens With Lessons From His Family Life And Early 20s, How The Experiences From Genetic Rage And Drunk Driving Helped Him Understand How To Control His Mind And Body. The Conversation Segues Into An Article From Spiritualist Wes Penre Which Leads The Episode Into How The Effects Of Stress And Popular Culture Control Not Only Our Minds, But How We Experience The World. We Also Journey Into How Professional Sports, Particularly The NFL And Argentine Soccer, Contribute To Mind Over Matter. Also, Fire. Fire Controls The Human Mind.

The Journey: A Soundscape StoryFind A Quiet Place, Relax And Put Your Headphones Over Your Ears. This Is Soundscape Story About The Universe, Birth, War, Love And Death. Hope You Enjoy.